Microsoft Windows and Sports Betting

Sports betting took on a whole new life when the internet became a household object, granting access to punters from all corners of the earth including the farthest reaches of Australia. With the advent of the mobile phone and mobile sports betting, even more of the Australian population became involved in placing a quick punt or taking the activity more seriously.

Being one of the main operating systems in the world, Windows has jumped on the sports betting bandwagon and have launched a number of applications specially designed to be compatible with the operating system. These apps have a number of uses, including allowing punters to watch live sport, place wagers and check the latest scores.

Live Sports Betting

One of the great advantages of mobile betting, and using a Windows enabled smart phone in Australia is the ability to watch almost any game or race from wherever you are. Mobile sports betting means that a punter can check scores and keep up with the game, whilst placing bets as the action changes. No longer does one have to wait to get home to turn on the television in order to update their wagers.  Streaming these games is also more often than not totally free, providing of course that you have enough data on your Windows device.

Windows Bonuses

Another great advantage of placing mobile bets with a windows device is the specialised bonuses that are often offered. A number of apps which have been designed for the operating system offer Australian punters start up bonuses or deposit matching bonuses which cannot be found anywhere else. These usually involve an amount of free money with which you can place bets. As with everything, however, there are terms and conditions with every offer, so be sure to read the fine print carefully before committing to anything.

Windows Apps

The best mobile betting apps for Windows devices can be found with very little effort, all at Windows sports betting apps come in a  variety of interfaces, and offer  various sports and betting markets. Each app has been carefully vetted by us, and promises to provide you, as an Australian punter, with the best possible sports betting experience. All levels of experience have been catered for with our Windows apps, from the beginner punter just trying out the world of sports betting, to the experienced bettor.

Advantages of Windows Sports Betting

As the Windows sports betting apps have been designed especially for Windows devices, they run at optimal efficiency, proving a clear interface and fast updates. Making use of sports betting sites which are not designed to run on a windows device may prove difficult as the logging in and other menu options are often small when displayed on a smaller screen.

At we have a selection of premier Windows sports betting aps for your smart device. They provide instant information on sports such as horse racing and Rugby among many others right at your fingettips at any time. All of the scores, results and even information on teams, players and horses can be found with a simple swipe, which all helps you to place a successful, profitable bet.

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