Android Sports Betting Apps

One of the top operating systems in the world, Android is made use of by a large percentage of the Australian public.  The high quality of Android devices, as well as ease of use, makes this operating system one of the favourites amongst sports betting punters in the country. There are a number different betting apps for Android which can be made use of by Australian punters. Finding and downloading these apps is an easy exercise, simply choose from our selection at

Finding the Correct Android App

The software provider for the main Android app store does not, in fact, allow any kind of gambling apps to be sold through their own application. This means that android betting apps are third party or APK files. Downloading and installing these is a perfectly safe and easy exercise, providing that you pick from our chosen selection.

As with everything on the Internet, online betting applications should all be checked out before being installed on any Android device, and definitely, before any hard earned money is deposited into their accounts. That is exactly what we at  have done for you.

A great sports betting Android app will have a link either directly or indirectly to a well known online sports betting site, as many of ours do. Many of the sports betting apps are actually developed by the well known online sites themselves, and thus carry their names and reputations.

Other categories which the best Android Sports betting app for you should fulfil is banking options, range of services and of course, ease of use. Banking options should be plentiful and instantly familiar. There should be a number of ways in which you can both deposit and withdraw money. The services should include all the main Australian sporting markets such as AFL and rugby, as well as a few lesser known ones for added interest.

The best Android sports betting app should also be easy to use; there is no point in spending hours and hours simply trying to work out how to place a wager. All of our chosen Android apps at  offer these services, and more.

Live Betting

Many Android sports betting apps facilitate live betting or in play betting. This is where a game or race is live streamed via the app right on your android device, and you can adjust your wager accordingly. Prop bets are often made this way, with Australian punters placing fun bets as the game progresses. Race and game results are thus available to you almost instantly, delivered right to your mobile Android device.

Modern Mobility

Everything these days seems to be getting smaller and more mobile. Placing a sports wager using an Android mobile betting app means that one can place wagers from pretty much wherever they are. This is, of course, dependant on your internet connection, even the most mobile of devices is useless if there is no signal. That being said, the world of sports betting has never been easier. Simply log in to your favourite sports betting app Android on the bus, at the pub, at home or even at work and place your bet quickly and easily, all via

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