Election Betting

As the world of sports betting gets more and more popular, so are new and exciting betting markets opening up for punters in Australia. One of these is election betting, which can be found online via a select few election betting sites and some sports betting sites which can be found on onlinesportsbettingaus.com.

Election betting is exactly as it sounds; placing various bets on the electoral process of a country. That country does not necessarily have to be Australia, any country will do as long as you are familiar with its politics. The US elections in 2016 were particularly popular due to the wide array of betting markets which it offered as well as the sometimes bizarre goings on.

Pick A Country

The best way to begin political betting is to bet on a country which you are familiar with. As Australians, the obvious first choice is Australia, which many of the online betting sites do offer. Specialised political betting sites can be found with a bit of effort, although a number of regular sports betting sites do offer betting on Australian election as well.

The next biggest market for Australian election betting punters is the wildly exciting world of the UK and US elections. Brexit created a huge stir as well as a large number of betting markets. The 2016 US elections provided almost endless entertainment for election betting.

The antics of the candidates, as well as the very closely run race, had the entire world sitting on the edge of their seats, no more so than Australian punters who had taken out a wager on the entire process.

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Most Popular Markets

The most popular betting markets when it comes to election betting vary when from country to country. These include the obvious ones such as next president, next prime minister, winning party and government after next election. As with any form of live betting, the earlier you get your bets in, the more profitable they will become if they are successful. Although this may seem easy, as we discovered with the 2016 US elections, pretty much anything can, and will happen.

Election Betting Odds

As with all sorts of betting, there are various odds which are offered by various online betting sites. To find the best odds which agree with your idea of how the election is going to go, one must shop around a bit. Election betting odds are similar to sports betting odds.

You can find moneyline betting where there are no odds, and it is a straight wager on who will win or most sites will offer varying degrees of handicap or point spread odds on the various parties as well as candidates. Again, shop around to make sure that you find the best odds for you.

Finding Election Betting Sites

To find a site which offers election betting or political betting on the country which you wish to wager on, look no further than onlinesportsbettingaus.com.

All of our sites are guaranteed to have up to date licences, an array of banking options and a wide selection of betting markets. We have taken all the leg work out of looking for election betting opportunities for you. All you need to do is select the site on our list which takes your fancy, sign up and have fun with entertainment betting online.

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