Greyhound Betting for Punters in Australia

Greyhound Racing is incredibly popular amongst spectators and punters alike in Australia, and is often compared to Horse Racing although it isn’t as profitable. Each state and territory in Australia has a Greyhound Racing governing body, and the sport is strictly regulated to ensure fairness and the safety and wellbeing of the greyhounds.

If you’re keen on getting started with Greyhound betting, you are going to need guidance to ensure your best chances of success. As such, have put together this quick how-to guide for kicking off the online sports betting action, put together with novice Australian punters in mind.

Finding the Best Greyhound Betting Online Sportsbook

The first step to getting started with Greyhound betting is to ensure that you are using only the best online sportsbooks open to punters in Australia. By using only top-ranked online sportsbooks, you can enjoy Greyhound betting with peace of mind knowing your information is protected and that you are being offered the best Greyhound betting tips.

Finding a range of online sportsbooks won’t be difficult, but it’s important to remember that not all online sportsbooks are worth your time and money. Comparison sites such as ours will detail which online sportsbooks are worth the effort by using a ranking system. All online sportsbooks are judged on strict criteria including, but not limited to, the range of mobile betting markets, banking options and withdrawal waiting times, and the efficiency of customer service assistance. Once you’ve decided on an online sportsbook, don’t forget to take a look at the range of sign-up bonuses in order to make the most of your online sports betting experience.

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Getting to Know Greyhound Bets

If you’re hoping to establish a Greyhound betting strategy, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the types of Greyhound bets that you will come across. Below you find a quick explanation of some of the most popular Greyhound betting types.

Straight bet: the simplest wager of all – simply select which dog will be first the cross the finish line. You will collect winnings if your prediction is correct.

Across the board: 3 individual bets rolled into one – select 3 dogs to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This wager will cost you 3 times as much as a single wager, but offers 3 ways to win as all your predictions don’t have to be correct for you to receive a pay-out.

Reverse forecast: select 2 dogs to cross the finish line first in any order.

Shopping Greyhound Betting Odds

Here at we believe that if you’re keen on finding success with Greyhound betting, it is of utmost importance that you shop the Greyhound betting odds on offer with a variety of online sportsbooks open to punters in Australia. This may sound like a complicated process, but we assure you that you will have hang of it no time.

Once you’ve decided on an online sportsbook open to punters in Australia, take a look at the range of Greyhound betting wagers on offer and find a bet that you’re keen on. Now, before staking any money, take a look at the odds on offer at a range of competing online sportsbooks and only stake any money when you are sure you have found the best odds to best ensure maximum return on investment.

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