Best Betting Apps

The mobile revolutions swept the world and Australia in the late 2010’s. all of sudden it seemed that everyone in the world was connected to the internet via smart devices such as tablets and phones, all capable of high quality graphics and quick connection speeds. This, in turn, led rise to the world of sports betting mobile apps, or applications.

It was an easy and logical step from online sports betting sites to sports betting applications, with many of them being produced by the actual sites themselves. These days one can find a sports betting mobile app for almost every kind of smart device and operating system, and look no further than


One of the main advantages to making use of a sports betting mobile app is that it is specially designed for your device. That means that it makes the best use of both the hardware and software of your phone or tablet, producing a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Australian punters know all too well the frustrations of trying to view a sports betting site on a device which simply wasn’t designed to run it. The pinching, zooming and squinting that comes with simply logging in creates a huge amount of tension and annoyance.

A sports betting mobile app has been designed by software developers to run optimally on the device which it has been made for. This means no pinching or zooming, all the info is displayed easily on the screen at a touch of a finger. Menu items have been made bigger in order to be more visible, as have login screens.

In Play and Live Streaming

One of the great things about betting apps is the ability to live stream your race of game as it happens. This allows you to place in play bets which can meld and change as the game does, and keep an eye on those bets throughout the day. No longer does one have to sit in front of the television or their home computer in order to keep abreast of what is happening on the field or the track, you can get all the action via one of our hand picked apps at This allows you to get up to the minute scores and results directly on your phone, wherever you are as long as you have a decent internet connection.

The Best Apps for Betting

A number of the large app store providers don’t, in fact, allow any sort of gambling products to be sold or downloaded via their own applications. This means that a large percentage of the Australian population have to make use of third party applications or APK files. This is perfectly fine as long as you pick your apps from our selection at

To choose the app for you amongst our premier selection, you need to decide what kind of sports betting you wish to do, and what kind of bonus suits you the best. All of our apps are top class, and with our wide selection we cater for all tastes. An array of familiar banking options, various betting markets, a number of lesser known sports and even financial or election betting can be found using

Sign up bonuses and free bets are of course available for the Australian punter via our apps, with an array of different types to suit everyone’s needs. So, look no further than for all your sports betting app needs.

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