Online Entertainment Betting

Many punters in Australia have heard of, and partake in, sports betting. A lesser known, but just as much fun, betting market is entertainment betting. Entertainment betting is basically placing wagers on entertainment events such as award shows, or even reality TV. It began a few years ago as a way for sports betting sites to bring in new punters or members.

More aimed at being a fun filled market than a serious betting market, entertainment betting in Australia surprised everyone when it grew swiftly in popularity. Today there are a number of online and mobile betting sites which offer various entertainment betting options, many of which can be found on

Award Ceremonies

Who doesn’t love watching a good award ceremony, with its lush red carpet and totally overdressed celebrities? Award ceremonies offer the Australian punter so much to place bets on, from the more serious things like who will win best actor at the Oscars, to much sillier bets such as which celebs will have a full on cat fight on the red carpet, or fall over while retrieving their award. Mobile betting sites along with a large number of sports betting sites offer almost year round award ceremonies betting. The markets open a number of weeks before each event, and the sooner you place your bet the more likely you are to make a profit if it is a successful one.

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Reality TV

Another great entertainment betting market in Australia is reality TV. Modern day TV programs are made up of a large percentage of reality TV, ranging from talent and singing shows, to amazing races to leaving people alone on a tropical island or in a jungle to fend for themselves. Again, this opens up a huge amount of betting opportunities which are just waiting to be exploited by online mobile betting sites. Wagers can be placed on who may win the entire competition, or even which of the judges will support which contestants.

Other Entertainment

A growing number of sports betting sites are offering betting on various other entertainment related topics. What the name of a famous couple’s expected child may be is a popular one, as is who may be the next James Bond. These are the equivalent to prop bets in the sports betting world; fun little bets to keep a punter entertained.

Placing Your Entertainment Bet

To place a bet on an entertainment event or something related to entertainment betting, one has to first find a sports betting site. There are a number of these dedicated to Australian punters which can be found on Our sites are guaranteed safe and secure and have a selection of betting options to suit every taste.

Installing a mobile betting app is another way to go about this. Again, look no further than We have a variety of mobile betting apps for almost every device, offering a wide selection of betting markets including entertainment betting. Not all mobile betting apps offer entertainment betting, however, so it is up to you to make sure that one you chose offers the services which you require.

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