Financial Betting Down Under

Financial betting is basically betting on stocks, or stock market betting. The world’s stock markets have massive amounts of currency going through them every day, so it’s not very surprising that the digital betting world has caught on that they can bet on this. Forex is one of the biggest betting markets as it has even more currency passing through it every day than the average national stock market. There are a number of different ways in which one can place stock bets.

What Is It, Exactly?

Financial betting is placing wagers on anything to do with the stock market. Bets on stocks have four main sectors; Forex, shares, indexes and commodities. All of these sectors can be found on an online sports betting site which offers financial betting. Shares are exactly what they sound like, the cost of buying a share in a particular company. Commodities are things like gold and platinum, whose prices vary from day to day. Indexes are a collection of commodities which are all related to a particular sector such as oil or finance. Forex is one of the most watched markets on the planet, representing all of the foreign currencies.

So basically, financial betting is placing a wager on how these four sectors are going to behave. An Australian punter can bet on whether the price of oil will go up or down, or whether the American Dollar will weaken or strengthen in light of current affairs.

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Where Do I Do This?

As financial betting is still a relatively new idea, there are only a very few financial betting sites. Some sportsbook sites may offer a financial betting section, but you would have to look quite carefully for them. The best way to find a financial betting site is to choose one from our list at we have gone to the trouble of picking only the absolutely best financial betting sites for you, so you know you cannot go wrong.

Fixed Odds Financial Betting

Fixed odds financial betting is similar to over under bets in sports betting. Here you simply make a prediction on whether certain market, currency or another unit will be higher or lower than it currently is after a certain amount of time. Fixed odds financial betting is set at a particular time, and cannot be changed once the wager has been laid.  The amount of time can be anything from a few minutes to a few days.

Financial Spread Betting

Spread betting is another popular market in financial betting. With financial spread betting the punter can close the bet at any time in order to take home the profits or minimize losses. The spread in financial spread betting is the difference between the bid price and the asking price for a certain stock. The punter can place a bet, for example, $5 on each point that a certain stock will increase. If the stock does increase he makes $5 for every point.  The bet can be closed off at any time, so a sharp eye is very necessary for this exercise.

Financial Betting As An Investment

Many Australian punters are taking financial betting very seriously. Done properly it can become a proper investment. As with every other kind of live betting, however, a very solid knowledge of how the stock markets work is imperative to placing successful wagers. offers a number of financial, election and other entertainment betting options to help you to grow your punting knowledge.

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