Online Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia. Played in schools, clubs and at an international level, just about everyone is familiar with the game. A major cricket match can attract thousands of visitors with millions of people tuning in to watch the action unfold. It is no wonder then that online cricket betting has become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country. The action and drama of the game makes it ideal for punters to sink their teeth into with a wide variety of bets to choose from.

Getting Into Cricket

If you are keen to get started live betting on cricket, here is what you need to know. In the world of professional cricket, there are three types of games that are played internationally. These include test cricket, one-day cricket and T20 cricket. Test cricket or 5-day cricket is the oldest form of the game and is considered a true test of skill and endurance. While it may take five days to complete, a test match often ends in a draw.

Most of the online cricket bets will be placed on one-day games. Also, known as limited overs cricket, this is where each side is allotted 50 overs in which to score the most runs. The games start in the morning and are completed that night. Of the three type of games, Twenty20 cricket is perhaps the most popular. T20 cricket is the shortest version of the game with each side given just 20 overs to bat. T20 Cricket betting offers up all the same betting action, condensed into just four hours.

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While cricket is mainly a summer sport, the introduction of the IPL (Indian Premier League) and other similar tournaments has meant that punters are guaranteed year-round betting action.  During the IPL, online betting cricket sites offer plenty of betting action on each game. When the cricket world cup is on, just about every sports betting site in the country will be get in on the action.

Basic Cricket Bets

Online cricket betting encompasses a wide range of bets for both novice and experienced punters. For those just starting out, the easiest bet to place is a simple win/lose bet. This involves predicting which team will win the match. For major tournaments such as the cricket world cup, the Ashes, or the IPL, punters can place futures bets weeks or months in advance. With futures bets, punters can predict who will win the tournament long before the teams have been finalised.

Exotic Cricket Bets

In Australia, the top mobile betting sites for cricket will offer a whole host of exotic bets on each game. These can include bets on who will have the best bowling figures in the match, who will score the most runs, which player will score a 50 and which player will score a century. It is also possible to bet on which player will be man of the match as well as the win/lose margin. With cricket betting, there are many factors that can influence the outcome of the match. These include team injuries, where the match is being played and changes to the coaching staff.

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