Online Horse Racing Tips

In Australia, horse racing provides some of the most exciting betting opportunities in the country. A major horse race can attract thousands of punters from all over Australia. But for the novice punter, online horse betting can be difficult to get into. With so many bets available and external factors to consider, betting on the horses can be quite overwhelming.

The good news is that online horse racing betting sign up offers can be fun and extremely rewarding. All you need is a few good horse racing tips to get you started.  Below is a quick list of horse racing tips that every punter should read before placing their first bet.

Starting Off Small

If you have a look online, you will notice that most bookmakers offer a wide range of horse racing bets, from straight wins to exotic bets and multi bets. One of the best tips for novice punters is to stick to the simple bets.

As a novice punter, your knowledge about the trainers, jockeys and horses is limited. Until you learn more about the industry, you should always stick to straight win bets. In horse racing, picking a winner is difficult enough without having to factor in multiple races or picking the first three. When you start out, keep your mobile bets small and stick to what you know. Race favourites have lower odds for a reason.

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Factors to Take into Consideration

In any horse race, there are many factors that can influence how a horse will perform. The more knowledge you have about the horse, the trainer, the jockey and even the track, the greater your chances of placing a winning bet. Factors to consider include:

  • Racing Consistency – A horse that has a proven race record will always be a better bet than a horse with no winning history for the past year. Any horse that finished in the money at least 50% of the time is considered a solid bet. While upsets can happen, they are rare and are difficult to predict.
  • Racing Fitness – Like a professional athlete, a horse’s fitness can be a major influencing factor come race day. It is important to know the whether the horse is fit enough for the length of race in question.
  • Current Racing Form – Horses can go in and out of form throughout the year. By examining the finishes from the horses most recent races, it is possible to determine whether the horse in in form and running well on a particular surface.
  • Race Surface – While some horses run well on all surfaces, many do not. It is important to check what type of surface the track has and whether the horses favour the surface or prefer a harder or softer track.

What Else You Should Know

  • The Trainer – When looking for a horse to back, there is much to be said for a trainer that has a host of winning horses from their stables. In most cases the top trainers will produce multiple winners.
  • The Jockey – One statistic that gets overlooked is the number of jockeys that win major races. If you check the stats, you will find that only a handful of jockeys win the majority of the big races.
  • Post position – While it does not always influence the outcome, the post position can ruin a horse’s chances with an unlucky barrier depending on the length of the track and they style of the race.
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