The Best Totes Betting in Australia

The Australian bookmakers featured here at will allow you to locate the finest tote betting online options for punters from this country, 100% guaranteed.

Totes betting, also commonly called pari-mutuel or pool betting, differs from other types of online wagering in that you do not know what the odds on your bet will be until the event is closed, usually just before it begins, and no more tote bets can be placed. The stakes are ten totalled, and, after the house has removed a percentage, the remaining amount is divided up between the individuals who have picked a winner.

It Doesn’t Always Pay to Pick a Favourite

Popular horses will pay out less for winning tote bets, because of the simple fact that horses viewed as more likely to take first place attract more bettors, and the winning total will then need to be divvied up between more individuals if the favourite does, in fact, end up in first place. Totes betting gets really interesting when an outsider manages to take the race: the tote bets will then have odds, or dividends, which are larger, since there are fewer people to share the money between.

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An Array of Tote Bet Types

The experts at insist that the top tote betting online spots provide you with an array of different types of totes betting options and do not restrict you to simple Win bets. You can look forward to enjoying Place bet pools, Exactas, Quinellas, Trifectas, Superfectas, Doubles, Box bets, Treble wagers, Quadrellas and Sweeps. Although small variations will occur from country to country, race to race, and site to site, your tote betting apps or online options will generally be similar in this respect.

How the Different Tote Bets Win

When it comes to totes horse betting, a Win requires you to guess which horse will finish in first place. Place bets require that the horse you selected finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, depending on the number of animals taking part, and another popular type of bet are Each Way wagers, which combine the Win and Place bets. Should the horse you picked end up in 1st place, then you will collect money twice, but should it appear in the 2nd position, you will still be able to collect once. Exacta bets will have you predicting the exact order of the placings, and Quinella wagers allow you to pick 2 horses for 1st and 2nd place, but will not penalise you if the exact order is incorrect.

Enjoying the Best Online Tote Bets

The finest online sports betting sites provide you with a brand-new way to enjoy an already incredibly invigorating sporting event, and you can put a significant amount of money away for an educated guess, as well. Choose from the sites we have rated and reviewed favourably right here, and you can rest assured that there are no better odds, markets, bonuses or promotions in all of Australia whenever you play the ponies.

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