Betting With The iPad

After the iPhone came the iPad. Apple’s flagship tablet boasts a large crystal clear touch screen along with good sound and a well oiled operating system. This, coupled with the mobility of the device, makes it a favourite tool amongst the sports betting punters in Australia. There are a number of iPad betting apps which have been brought out by various developers, each one specialised for the iPads hardware and software. These come with a number of advantages including ease of use as well as app optimisation.

iPad Betting Apps

There are a number of iPad betting apps which can be found in the Apple App Store, and although they are not wildly prevalent at the moment, their numbers are growing all the time. Developers have realised that punters from Australia as well as the rest of the world love to make use of their iPad for sports betting, and are thus jumping on the iPad betting bandwagon.

Finding the best iPad betting apps one simply has to peruse All of our apps have been thoroughly reviewed as well as tested to ensure an optimum sports betting experience.

Finding An iPad Betting App

To find an app you can make use of Our apps are guaranteed to have legitimate licences and take very good care of your hard earned money. They offer a selection of betting markets including well known sports, as well as some lesser known ones such as entertainment betting and financial betting. Our iPad apps have been chosen with the Australian punter in mind, so you can be sure that you will find something to suit you amongst our options.

How To Choose Your App

The best iPad sports betting apps will fulfil a number of very important criteria. First and foremost it needs to be related or owned by a recognised sports book site with a legitimate licence.

Secondly, you need to look at its interface. A good app will be easy to use and won’t take too long to load or figure out. iPad betting apps these days are mostly slick and simple, it’s easy to log in and easy to place a wager. All of our apps fulfil these criteria, so it is up to you to choose which one suits you the best.

Another important point to consider when choosing amongst the iPad betting apps is how they actually work with money. A good app should have a number of different, recognisable banking options both for withdrawal as well as deposit.

Finally, the app should offer a wide range of betting markets. In Australia, there are a large number of both sports to bet on and different kinds of wagers which can be made. The app should cover all of the main ones such as AFL, Cricket and Rugby as well as offering a few lesser known markets to keep punters interested. Betting markets should include bets aimed at beginners to the sports betting world as well as the more experienced punter.

Online iPad Sports Betting

A number of online betting sites in Australia have customised the entire site to run better on an iPad. These are not apps but are actual betting websites which are accessed via your web browser. Although based on the Internet, sports betting sites which have been optimised to run on an iPad are easier to use than ones that haven’t, and often offer special deals for users who are making use of the correct device.

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