Online Golf Betting

Until recently, golf was not considered a popular spectator sport, with only the most dedicated golfing enthusiasts attending the tournaments and playoffs. Today, all of that has changed. A major golfing championship attracts thousands of visitors and millions of viewers from around the world. In Australia, golf provides the perfect opportunity to get in on some serious sports betting action. As such, online golf betting has become one of the fastest growing betting markets in the country.

The Majors

If you are keen to get started placing golf bets online, here is what you need to know. In the world of professional golf, there are four Major Championship tournaments played each year. Commonly referred to as the Majors, these include:

  • The Masters Tournament – April
  • The U.S Open – June
  • The Open Championship – July
  • PGA Championship – August

In Australia, online golf sports betting reaches its peak when the Majors are being played. While masters golf betting and other Majors certainly dominate the market, there are plenty of local and overseas tournaments played throughout the year to keep punters happy. With most of the games being broadcast or streamed live, betting on golf can be fun and extremely rewarding.

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Basic Golfing Bets

For anyone just starting out, golf outright betting is probably the best way to get started. This is where a punter picks one player who they think will win the tournament outright. Outright betting can be considered a futures bet as punters can place their bet weeks or even months before the tournament even begins. In each tournament, it is also possible to place golf side bets such as a head to head bet or a 3-ball bet. A head to head bet is where two players are pitted against each other in a tournament, often in the final round. Punters place bets on which player will have the better finish.

Golfing Prop Bets

At the start of each tournament, the players will be put into groups of three. A 3-Ball bet is a wager on which of the three players in a group will have the best round on a particular day. With US Masters golf betting and other major tournaments, punters can also choose to place any number of golfing prop bets. These can include which player will have the lowest round of the tournament, which player will score an eagle in the current round, who will have a top 10 finish and who will have a top 5 finish.

What to Know Before You Bet

For novice punters, golf betting tips and strategies are all based around current form and course details. In any tournament, there are a number of factors that can influence the outcome of a game or round. Golf is one of the few sports where a player will win consistent championships if they are in form that year. Obviously, some players do better on certain courses, but the biggest factor to consider is how each player is ranked and what their form has been in the weeks leading up the event. Other factors that can influence the outcome of a tournament include weather conditions, sudden injuries, illness and changes to the course.

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